Pipeline Tool tree view (3.6)

Hi there,

after migrating to monogame 3.6 I have created a new content pipeline to rebuild some of the ussed assets. After adding the folders by “Add existing folder” the folder structer is not displayed correctly.

As you can see on the screenshot the folder for fonts is correctly in the tree view while the images are not. Allthough the path is set (e.g. Textures\Icons\Misc for activate.png) the Textures folder is not visible.

The build works fine, but it is quite uncomfortable when the whole directory structure is missing

Can you open the .mgcb file with a text editor and see if there is a difference in the paths for the Fonts and Textures? Maybe directory separators are different or something and you can find and replace to fix it.

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Your response time is incredible :smiley:

There actually was the difference that those with out the folder had a backslash ( \ ) instead of a foreward slash ( / ). Replace All fixed the issue in the pipeline tool

No Idea how that happened since I have added all folder in the same way.

Tank you

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