Pipeline XML content error

Hey folks,

I’ve started to port my XNA game to Mono Game and I’m facing problem with Pipeline tool. It can’t parse XML file, which is
<Asset Type=“WindowsPhoneGameLibrary1.CountriesData[]”>


Mono Game Pipeline gives error:
error: Importer ‘XmlImporter’ had unexpected failure!
Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Content.Pipeline.InvalidContentException: Could not resolve type ‘WindowsPhoneGameLibrary1.CountriesData[]’.

On XNA I had to create library project (with CountriesData class) and link reference to it, how to get it work with Mono Game Pipeline ?

Windows 8.1, VS 2012 for Windows Phone, Mono Game 3.4

You need to add a reference to that dll (your data project’s dll) to the .mgcb

This should be exposed through the property grid when you have the project root selected, or you can also edit the mgcb as a text file directly.

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Thanks buddy! Really helped me. Couldn’t find a way how to do this from property grid but I edited .mgcb file manually:

#-------------------------------- References --------------------------------#
/reference:…/…/GameLibrary/bin/Windows Phone/Debug/GameLibrary.dll

was also helpful. Thanks again :smile: