Pizzamon Demo available for Pc, MacOS, and Linux

Pizzamon Demo out to play. It is also on twitch if you’re a streamer and finding something to play. Pizzamon is an Open world RPG adventure game with a twist.

Pizzamon is a fantasy story about a young adventurer doing battle with, and fighting against, imaginary creatures. After you create your trusty Pizzamon, a pizza who does battle for you, you get the chance to compete in the Chef Championships. Side by side with your Pizzamon, you must battle to collect badges from Grand Chefs who reside in various villages that you discover during your journey. Each village has a badge based on the zone that they are located in, for example the Winter Badge, Mountain Badge and Water Badge. Not only must you defeat the Grand Chefs but you will have to fight others who are also trying to get the badges that you need to win. You will fight other competitors, chefs, and Grand Chefs in your quest to make it to the top. Along the way you will encounter many different characters in this retro style RPG adventure game.

It is available for Pc, MacOS, and Linux.


Can be played here:


This one looks pretty nice :+1:

thx :smiley:

Really nice art style. Good luck with game.

thx :smiley:

Overall, this is wonderful. Great artstyle and music, and I love the spin on old Pokemon games.

  • I really liked the movie theater opening.
  • Art style is wonderful.
  • Stellar music. You know the music has been done well when it doesn’t quickly become annoying.
  • I love the Mario reference. Just watch out for Nintendo’s lawyers! Just kidding.
  • The movement controls on the map are awesome.
  • The theme of the game is great. Who doesn’t love pizza?

Some feedback:

  • The intro screens (company name, epilepsy warning, made with MonoGame) last rather long and are unskippable. Consider making them skippable by pressing A or the space bar or whatever.
  • Rather than alternating between keyboard and gamepad input icons, consider showing one or the other depending on which input type was most recently used.
  • Minor suggestion: consider allowing selection wrapping in the pause menu (as in, moving up when at the top option moves the cursor to the bottom, and vice versa).
  • On gamepad, it’s a little weird that X is cancel instead of B. Also, it might be good to have remappable controls.
  • It was a little jarring seeing a cuss word in what seems to be an otherwise kid-friendly game.
  • There’s a rock next to a person’s house that doesn’t have the right transparency (in the image below, it’s the rock to the right of the player. When you walk onto it, a green square covers most of the player):
  • I’m a little disappointed that I can’t inspect items for a description of them (i.e. walk up to a TV, press A, and it says something like “it’s a TV. A commercial showing a happy family is playing.”) However, it’s probably better that that feature isn’t there, so I don’t waste so much time going up to every little thing and trying to press A on it.
  • Not a criticism, but just wondering why one of the seagulls goes “woof!” Was thinking at first that it was a very bizarre-looking dog.
  • There were one or two typos.
  • Consider adding a dedicated map button.
  • Definitely consider adding a run button to speed up movement.
  • Battles are too slow-paced. In particular, the “Player turn!” and “Enemy turn” text stays on screen too long and can’t be skipped.
  • In my first battle with a rock, sometimes on the enemy’s turn a set of sunglasses would appear over my pizzamon. With no text describing what happened, I had no idea what that was supposed to indicate.
  • Not being able to save anywhere is pretty antiquated.

Overall, this game seems to have a lot of potential. In particular, the music is probably what impressed me the most, followed by the art style. The gameplay has potential as well. Great work!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: thx. From your info, plan on adding a few things. <3. Glad you liked it.

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Can you make it open source?
I think many people want to contribute!

What is the reason you don’t make it open source?
You will stil decide what features (from contributors) are added or not if you maiintain it on github.

Please think about it!

Most people don’t open-source their games, especially if they’re ever planning on making money off of it. And even for people planning on releasing a game for free, there often isn’t much or any benefit to be had from trying to make it open source. Getting people interested in collaborating would be hard, and managing PRs would take extra time that wouldn’t need to be worried about if the game were kept closed source.