Plane Courier released on Windows Store

Hey Monogame community :wink:

I released a simple, arcade mobile game and now it is available on Windows Store. Of course it was made with Monogame !

Just control the plane, avoid enemies and drop the load to target, it is that simple… But are you sure ? Slow down time, activate twisted, psychedelic bonuses which have never been yet, compete with players around the world and just have fun ! Accept the challenge and play for FREE !

Get it here: Direct linkt

I really would like to hear any feedback from you :slight_smile:


I’m still working on it :slight_smile: Update for the game already on Windows Store, and there’s a lot of changes and improvements. Feel free to give it try ! If you like it, then rate game and leave some comment on Store :blush:

you should submit there!

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Hey Monogame community :wink:

We are proud to announce that Plane Courier is finally on Android ! Here you can watch official game trailer:

Get it on Google Play (Android): click
Get it on Windows Store (Windows 10 Mobile / Windows Phone): click

I really would like to hear any feedback from you :slight_smile: If you like it, please give us 5 stars and leave some comment on Google Play :heart_eyes: