Platformer Starter Kit - Map Tiles - Moving beyond the default keyboard characters?

So after you type in A, a, brackets, period, numbers, and basically every other keyboard character on the USA - English keyboard, you call it a day… But later you find out there are other characters… If you have Windows, click the Start Button - Windows Accessories - Character Map

However, if you try adding any of those characters to your code, Visual Studio / Others want to save the text file (Code File) as some other text file format? Seems dangerous? Any information of the topic could be useful.

Also, there is a Map Editor, but I have no idea how to make it tell the difference between an uppercase and lowercase letter (A vs a; B vs b; C vs c), any help there would also help greatly:
Microsoft’s XNA Platformer Starer Kit Level Editor? A != a, B != b, C != c… - Community | MonoGame

are loading all existing characters from file? did you make sure its UTF-8 so you can use characters in your code? you may want to use a different variable type, so that error gets taken care off, are you using an IDE? it could take care of such things by detecting them, dont tell me visual studio code is your ide, its not an IDE. anyways beyond that, you must be aware that you are using someone elses code, i clicked through the bitbucked link, so who knows whats in there, it said it did not exist anymore. it probably has something to do with what the code of the level editor is, and modifying that might solve your issue. these are a lot of reasons why your approach might not work, i hope it was not too much from my side.