Playing a video on Android / iOS "in background"

Hello everyone!

First thing first, I’m new to Monogame. Anyway I’m working on a game for mobile and I need to display a video with some UI such as scrolling text, and some buttons on it.

I tried to use the Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Media.VideoPlayer class but it does’t seem to work on Android since a while according to some topics I saw here. So I manage to display my video using libvlcsharp, however the video is taking the full view and I can’t draw anything over it.

Is there a way to display video on mobile within Monogame? And if there is, how can I get back the video texture to display stuff over it?

Thanks in advance for the help I can get!

I’m not sure about mono but when I wrote my first app using VS and C# and wanted to upload to Google Play I was frustrated by the removal of the code obfuscation package meaning that unless you pay a substantial amount for a third party obfuscator you cannot fulfill the Google Play conditions for general release. The upshot was that I was forced to search for a dev package that does support obfuscation.
Good luck with your program.

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