Playing Audio-Files with Effects like Reverb or Sustain


I am writing a little app with MonoGame
and I want to play sounds with different effects.
At the Moment I am playing Wav-Files with the SoundEffect-Class.
But I want to play some of them with a sustain or a reverb effect.
I don’t want to create many new edited wav-files for one piano-tone.
I want to play them dynamically with different effects.

But I don’t know how I could do that.
I’ve read some Texts about that, and I’ve seen a bit of XACT, or XAudio2.
But I do not know if its supported by MomoGame.

Kind regards

Nobody can help? :frowning:

There is no built in reverb support in MonoGame.

There might have been some support for reverb in XACT under XNA, but we don’t support it at the moment.