Please prepare an intermmediate release before 3.8.2 or 3.9


I’ve seen that there are a couple of fixes, as well as the upgrade to .NET 8.0, since the last release in July 2022. Is there a reason why there’s been no new release at all since? I know that we can always set up MonoGame from the source code, but it’d be great if we could avoid this hassle and have more steady releases even if they are small.



I agree that it would be nice to have another bugfix release soon based on some fairly significant issues in the current release. The iOS content manager problems come to mind.

However, you can get the advantages of the latest develop fixes without building from source. Assuming you are using Visual Studio, look into pointing to GitHub for nuget packages. This will allow you to bring in nuget packages for the MonoGame development branch, which has worked well for us.


Hi Brett,

Thanks, I’ll have a look at that. I imagine I can also just pull the GitHub repository and add it as a dependency to my project, and pull new changes as they are added to the repo. I just haven’t had time to try that out this weekend (will do today). I’m trying to avoid NuGet as much as I can though.

Why? :thinking:

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I haven’t checked yet, but I suspect using NuGet might be an issue if you ever want to port a game to consoles.

It is not.