PLEASE Xbox Live Integration for Xbox One Monogame VS C#

I have finished a game. The only major issue is that I can’t seem to get xbox live integrated, at all. It gets rejected through the service because of the requirement xbox live integration with the usericon in the right hand corner. Even if it doesn’t use network features and is functional, this is a requirement. It’s the only requirement I have not been able to do.

There’s an old github for xbox live integration in C#, but it just does not work. It doesn’t work and integrate into my game. There’s just too much broken with it now.

I was hoping to eventually invest in developing full time for Xbox One, but if I can’t even get my first game on, I’m completely stuck. And I can’t seem to find any proper support for it.

I know this sounds like a desperate plea, but unless this gets resolved, there won’t be

It’s coming to a point where I’m desperate enough to try to pay someone just for the answer. The Xbox Live references just don’t work, they don’t integrate with the code, and there’s no support (even the github says it’s outdated and will be deleted this month).

So please, if anyone has the answer, or can lead me in the right direction, I’ll be eternally grateful. I’ve been at this for over a month. I know I’m fairly skilled, but this has me stumped.

Thank you.

Have you found anything on this as pulling my hair out finding anything

Have you joined the Creators Program? once joined you need to ask I think @Tom for the extra MG XBOX stuff? [Link Below]

I could not really understand what you were missing, so if you can link to relevant pages, it may help further…

But my first thoughts was not using the correct integration packages/stuff…

I assume this is an UWP Xbox One title?

What specific features from XBL are you looking for?

If you are on UWP XB1 you can use the WinRT APIs directly from C#. You can see that here:

Xbox services API overview - Microsoft Game Development Kit | Microsoft Learn

I believe at the moment you cannot access multiplayer features directly from C#, but that is coming soon.

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Hi RZKN sorry for the later reply, Obviously tom is the person to listen too as he runs the project but, I had the same issue and all the examples are in c++ I found this link very useful just a word of warning it is unity(pile of poo) but you can get the information you need from there. As I have mentioned in other posts microsoft are being very stupid and not giving the examples for monogame so sadly if your a proper coder you have to search harder