Possibly Endless Golf - My first Steam game has been released

Hi all I’ve recently released Possibly Endless Golf my first game on Steam. I’ve released on the Xbox before years ago using XNA and find I prefer making games code first rather than using something like Unity.

I’m now in the process of porting this title to the Xbox using Monogame UWP. I’ve had to change the save system and the game resolution isn’t scaling properly yet on the Xbox but I hope after solving this issue it should be ready for release.

Any questions please let me know.


Nice, congratulation and good luck.

One thing, can you please share traffic generated by steam? (So ignore external clicks, just directly what steam provided for you)

I’ve gotten almost 100k impressions without external traffic. I did not have any wishlists and a chunk of that traffic came around release but my marketing pushes do seem to also increase to the traffic they give me.

Congrats on the release

I have now also released the xbox version! https://www.xbox.com/en-us/games/store/possibly-endless-golf/9mz6cg91ksz2

Does anybody have any marketing tips for games on the Xbox Creators Program?