Powercity 9000 - city building game

Powercity 9000 is the first game that I’m developing (first game that has a demo).
It’s (very) basic right now: you can build a city in “creative” mode, in an isometric world. It’s being developed in Monogame, and I learned a lot with it.


  • Tiles/objects modding support
  • Isometric pixel art
  • Creative mode
  • A minimap
  • Bugged walking people in your city (if the setting is on)
  • Many tiles/objects to choose from

known problems in the latest version:

  • People are bugged in this version. You can disable people in the gameplay menu.
  • No in-game menu yet.
  • Water needs a new texture system. (water is transparent on the edges, but it’s actually only necessary when placed near other tiles that aren’t water.
  • Worlds get glitchy when loading a save after adding tiles/objects in the text file for modding. (Glitching doesn’t happen when adding the new object/tile at the end of the (text) modding file.)

Current version
alpha v1.2.1


(some screenshots are old. Some things have changed.)

Video: main menu (old video)

Indiedb: http://www.indiedb.com/games/powercity-9000
Itch.io: https://jxlle.itch.io/powercity-9000
Gamejolt: http://gamejolt.com/games/powercity-9000/222003

my twitter: https://twitter.com/JelleVandesijpe

Discord server: https://discord.gg/HyEfWs7

What can you do on this discord server?

  • Chat about the game.
  • Report bugs and problems
  • Give ideas and suggestions
  • Create a community based around the game

I hope that you enjoy the game!

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It’s not much to play yet, but it looks promising :slight_smile: Keep it up!

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cool! Looking forward to what you make with it in the future

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Thanks! I know it’s not much yet but I’m trying to polish the game first. I don’t want it to be a game full of content, but glitchy as hell :wink:

Thank you! My goal is to make a “survival”-mode or campaign where you need to manage your resources.

The UI is cool af by the way. Well done

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Thanks, you are actually one of the first people to make a comment about the UI, so I didn’t know if it would fit in.
And thank you for the follow!

I updated the game. It’s mostly an update that optimizes the game, so not much. I also added bad/basic controller support and some other things.

I created a discord server for Powercity 9000.
This discord server is easier for me to chat about the game, report bugs/problems, give ideas and suggestions,…

You can join here: https://discord.gg/HyEfWs7

I updated the game. (alpha v1.2)
It’s mostly an update that fixes some modding bugs/glitches. It also adds connecting objects.

I updated the game. (alpha v1.2.1)
Added key remapping, fixed a bug that crashed the game when changing the sound below 70% and changed some little things.

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