Praise and review

Firstly I would like to add my massive thanks for the whole team for the massive effort and support they give into the community. I have posted a couple of question over the mac version over the last few months and have now decided to park the mac part of my app. I can fully understand where Mac version sits in priorities but here are my comments on what would turn Mono MAC into a world beater it works but is the comment and all it needs is to fit with the overall architecture of MAC it needs proper vs 2019 integration and yes I know its coming but also needs an easy simple way to use an AppDelegate once this is supported out of the box I can not see any reason why a lot of unity(ahem I hate it) developers won’t switch. Please do not think I am being negative as I honestly believe the work the community is doing is top notch and once I have my current workload down I will be forking and developing what is needed

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3.6 Uses an AppDelegate. I’m currently attempting the switch to 3.8 and have noticed that this is now missing, I’m guessing they’ve switched to running it all via .net core or something (I’m not 100% sure how this all works).

You can still access the native Mac stuff if you import Xamarin.Mac framework into your project. I’m getting crashes on referencing certain things that were fine before though.