Preferred Networking Framework

What are some preferred frameworks for networked games built in MonoGame? I am new and coming from the XNA side of things. I am not familiar with Mono Libraries.

MonoGame includes the Lidgren Network framework.

The homepage has some info and tutorials:

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What if i want use bluetooth/wifi connections? How monogame can handle with it? I guess i should write implementations per os(i talk about mobile devices(cell phones) android, windows phone, ios)?

Yeah, I think you would need to solve that on a OS basis. I don’t know if Mono would have a library. I am actually going to need to you some extra hardware for my game. I need NFC capabilities. I’m hoping mono has it. If not I am going to look into something like C++.

Edit I suspect that if you build in the Android environment there might be a little but more support for those type of technologies (Bluetooth and Wifi)

You’ll have to use external libraries for that. Lidren should be enough for networking using 3G/Wifi.

For Bluetooth check out this sample from Xamarin. It’s a cross platform Bluetooth explorer.

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Depending on your game, i’d do it on an OS by OS basis.
Game Center on iOS
Google Play Games on Android