Press Release for Nine Witches: Family Disruption on Xbox One, PS4, Switch and PC

First official announcement! Built with Monogame!!!


Just why?

Not so difficult now is it?

Good luck with the release! I’ve followed the game from the start. I love that despite using ‘small’ pixelart and playing totally different the game has a classic scumm adventure feeling in the cutscenes.

Why what?

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Just not needed, I get that they may want to redirect all links in future but that’s just poor practice and looks spammy. Makes people reluctant to click. Not really bothered but it’s not helping his mission there.


I was not sure about it, I just made a tiny post to avoid adding all that info. Glad to know it is possible to add all such information. We’ll do a better post!

Thanks and sorry for the [tiny]post[/tiny] :slight_smile:

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it’ll be hitting home in Q2 2020 for 419.99 USD

Whoa. Apparently, you think that the US dollar will take quite the blow early next year. :wink:

My next adventure will be called “The missing SHIFT”

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