Problem loading tmx files using monogame.extended.tiled

I’m trying to load a tmx file into Monogame using tiled, but whenever I try to load the file it says it couldn’t find the xnb file, I don’t have any xnb files and I don’t know how to make them. Thanks in advanced

Hey @Cmc welcome to the forums.

.xnb files are the content files that are created when you preprocess content using the MonoGame Content Builder. This is part of the Content Pipeline in MonoGame, which you can find more information on at Adding Content | MonoGame Documentation

For the MonoGame.Extended library, it is expecting the .tmx file to have been preprocessed through the content builder that creates the .xnb file. More information on setting that up can be found in their documentation at Installation | MonoGame.Extended

However, I will note now that the MonoGame.Extended NuGets that are available have not been updated for MonoGame and you will run into issues trying to build .tmx files as .xnb files in the content builder. This was fixed in the current develop branch of MonoGame.Extended but they haven’t released new NuGets for it. You can get the prerelease develop branch NuGets by following the instructions in their README Getting Started Section that mentions how to get the pre-release NuGets, or you can clone the repo from source and build and reference it manually.

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Fixed your title typo for you.