Problem when user clicks home button and then switches back to the game

I am using xamarin studio to build my monogame project i’ve been developing for quite a while now. Today, I deployed my application to my phone and opened it. Everything went down smoothly, game works perfectly fine, 60fps, perfect resolution, no lag whatsoever (big thanks to monogame by the way!), except this:

When i pressed the home button, and then tried to re-open my game, the screen is black. Is there something i can do to fix this ? Is there something i am doing wrong ? or there is no way around it ? I would love to fix this flaw if its possible

maybe these can help?

Make sure you are on a new version of monogame (built from github or off the build server), this is bugged in 3.2

it says it is using version and v4.0.30319 runtime version, on the references in my visual studio project . i will try to find 3.2 version as you suggest and see if it helps

Grab the lastest installer from teamcity: Is the current one.

THANK YOU so much daveleaver … you saved me from a lot of frustration :slight_smile: Just in case anyone is wondering how i fixed it, the steps i took were instaling monogame from MonoGameSetup.exe from the link daveleaver provided above, made a new project in visual studio, copied my old code, and now whenever you click at home button while you are playing your game, you can then jump back into the game with no weird black screens, etc.