Problem with MediaPlayer

Hello there :slight_smile:

im Michael and i have some Problem with the Media Player Type. I already know how to play Songs but i wish i could slow down the Music. So that my Songs are slower played.

Maybe somebody has a Solution? With Sound Effects it works with adjusting the Pitch.

Thank you for your help.

If there isnt a ‘tempo’ variable to tweak, what about playing and stopping at veeeerry fast intervals…?
You can adjust the stop duration to make playback seem faster or slower…

…And or play the same tiny segment twice in a row, to avoid periodic silence / chppyness…

…More seriously, you might just want to stretch the file in some free audio program, and re-import it…

Sound effects are played through different systems to the songs. We use the OS-provided media players where possible to play streaming compressed songs, and they do not usually have a tempo or speed property.

You would need to load the song into an audio editor, time stretch or another similar operation, and re-export.

Thank you for your answers :slight_smile: