Problem with MGCB outputting to wrong directory.

Hello I’m having trouble with my output not landing in the proper directory.

I’m attempting to use my own tools instead of pipeline.exe and the monogame content projects. The tools in question are intended to both work with the C++ and C# version of my game.

D:\Game\Tools\MGCB>MGCB.exe /outputDir:“D:\Game\Build\Windows\Content\Test” /intermediateDir:“D:\Game\Game Assets\Music\Temp” /rebuild /platform:Windows /build:“D:\Game\Game Assets\Music\Song.mp3”
Build started 5/24/2015 4:17:31 PM

Cleaning D:/Game/Build/Windows/Test/…/…/Game Assets/Music/Song.wma
Cleaning D:/Game/Build/Windows/Test/…/…/Game Assets/Music/Song.xnb
D:/Game/Game Assets/Music/Song.mp3

Build 1 succeeded, 0 failed.

Time elapsed 00:00:03.40.

If you are not using the GUI tool, you still can edit the Content.mgcb file with a text editor.
The beginning of the file looks like this :

#----------------------------- Global Properties ----------------------------#

#-------------------------------- References --------------------------------#

#---------------------------------- Content ---------------------------------#
All the files you want to load.

you can change the /outputDir: to match the path you need.

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I have had this issue too. When you have multi projects. A good test is, create one project, add an image or something into the MGCB. Close the project and create a new project, it will keep using the old project locations.

Only way to fix this is go to file > open > go to the location of the new project directory > content