Problem with Monogame 3.7 Development Build

Hello, I’m rather new to this community obviously this is my first post however I have some previous experience with MonoGame. Initially after I had installed Visual Studio 2017 as some of you may know with MonoGame 3.6 there is a bug when you select the Universal Windows 10 Template it will give you an error about “Template attempted to load component Assembly” etc. I found a workaround for this here Visual Studio 2017 New Windows 10 Universal Project Error
which suggested upgrading to the latest development build of MonoGame to solve the issue. I did that and the Error went away and i was successfully able to create the project. However now I am having another issue, Whenever I create the project I receive an error saying

"Package Installation Error: Unable to find Microsoft.NetCore.UniversalWindowsPlatform.5.1.0 ‘Unable to find version 5.1.0 of package’ "

Trying to decipher the problem out myself i thought well maybe I don’t have the .NetCore UWP 5.1.0 package installed. I searched for it and found the latest version in NuGet. However I cannot get the package to install it just times out after so long. If anyone can help I would appriciate it very much. Thanks in advance. -Zach.

Nevermind i managed to resolve the issue. For anyone else who may be having the same problem make sure and when you are prompted to select which build you want to target that you select the “Anniversary Update” and NOT the creators update. You may have some errors initially when loading the program but once you do an initial build everything will work fine.