Problem with monogame and visual studio 2015

ok so first off I was thring to follow this tutorial
and when I created my project I forgot to name it

half way though the video I tried to rename my project and the starting class game1
thats when I started having problems with the ScreenManager class I made
trying to fix it I was messing around with the game1.cs and project.cs
finally I just made a new project inside the solution and moving everything from the old project over
after that I tried launching it and ran into errors. clicking run anyway made my antivirus software(AVG)
throwing a trojan horse virus alert
so I deleted the project and started from a new solution and ran a virus scan
the scanning came back with nothing so I released it from the vault and deleted my solution again
still unable to run it
checking in the folder the error said it looked like some of the files where missing along with the executable.

what do I do?