Problems converting a XNA-Sample to Monogame.

For studies, i converted a XNA4-WindowsPhone Sample to MonoGame ( ) . Its nearly working perfect, except the issue that the Ball falls through the floor if the triangles are on height 0. I cant imagine that MS offers Samples that dont work and i did not change any of the calculations. So i assume the way XNA handles Variables and Calculations have some difference i have to look out for. Is there any big difference between Varianles an Math Calculations known?

Interesting, can’t see why (if anything) would have changed in that sample for MonoGame.

Sadly I’ve not got to converting that sample yet for the XNAGameStudio Archive:

Will have a bash at it next week and see if I can see the source of the problem.

Thank you very much! My first guess didn’t do as i rised the collision data by Y+2 and had no change. But i have recognized that the ball falls to the ground and stops for a second before falling through. So maybe the velocity rises as it lays on the floor till the velocity gets so big that the next position is below the floor

I uploaded my conversion of the sample to SendSpace:

The Screenmode went from Fullscreen to a Windowed Fullscreen by using a RenderTarget. HighScore and MainMenu are edited, GameplayScreen prints some Data of the Marble and the Accelerator is Handled by XBOX-Gamepad (Right-Stick), for debug reasons you can move the ball with the left stick. the audiomanager is just commented out.

Marble.cs, Maze.cs etc are untouched.

Problem solved… the code is working like a charm! The model has issues being imported. I built a quick test level with blender and everything works fine!