Problems importing large FBX

Hi guys, i am having an issue importing high quality models using Content.Load. Through the content loader. It basically hangs on test


the degree of poly in question

I seem to have no problem with small primitives simple items.

is this a known issue?

on the side i have built custom importers for obj files before, i tested in mono import of both fbx and obj the above model does not seem to import. Is the solution here to custom import and create the instances of model mesh to reference myself, or have i overlooked some setting maybe.


My problem lads,

I rewrote my entire matrix and rendering pipe and object struct (as it was a first attempt) believe i fixed the issue by not lazily handling mesh parts.

Note original took me a few weeks to get my head fully around, rewrote it in around 6 hours. Expanded it to material structures aswell. <3 Mono.