Problems with GraphicsDevice Viewports in Android after updating monogame

I am having a problem with my Android project after updating Monogame to either 3.7.0 or the new 3.7.1 from my previous version of 3.6.0. After the update, the ClientSizeChanged event will get triggered, which will then reset all my viewport adapters. When this happens, the the GraphicsDevice gets passed into the ViewPortAdapter (using Monogame.Extended), except that GraphicsDevice.Viewport.Width/Height have an int.MinValue to them. Can anyone help with this?

Note, that this did not happen in the previous version of Monogame. Nor does this happen with the Windows version in .NetCore. It only happens on the Android version. In the Android version, Window.ClientSizeChanged gets called twice when the game is initializing. On the second call to the event is when the ViewportHeight/Width become set to -214748364.

I have found a solution here:
This will prevent the Window.ClientSizeChanged event from triggering between full screen and non-full screen which also eliminates the problem with passing in negative Graphics.GraphicsDevice.Viewport values.

Except now I am running into several other problems with Immersive sticky views. It is not ideal!. I would still like a solution that is not a hack.