Problems with multiple touch input

I have two buttons in my MonoGame Android game, the Move button, and the Aim button. Both have their own update, with their own touch input code. But only the first one is done, the one after is ignored?
I heard that the problem is that the touch code removes the input when it has been handled, so the next update won’t run. So now they have the same input code… Which works not quite perfect at all.

public void HandleTouchInput()
            while (TouchPanel.IsGestureAvailable)
                GestureSample gesture = TouchPanel.ReadGesture();

                #region MoveJoy

                if ((gesture.Position - new Vector2(moveJoystick.x * ((int)(GameRoot.ScreenSize.X / GameRoot.VirtualScreenSize.X)), moveJoystick.y * ((int)(GameRoot.ScreenSize.Y / GameRoot.VirtualScreenSize.Y)))).Length() < Art.Joystick.Width / 2) // 160

                    moveJoystick.fingerIsDown = true;

                    moveJoystick.knob.x = (int)gesture.Position.X * ((int)(GameRoot.ScreenSize.X / GameRoot.VirtualScreenSize.X));
                    moveJoystick.knob.y = (int)gesture.Position.Y ;

                    moveJoystick.direction.X = moveJoystick.knob.x - moveJoystick.x; // To calculate we need the position _relative_ to the centre of the joystick. 
                    moveJoystick.direction.Y = moveJoystick.knob.y - moveJoystick.y;
                    moveJoystick.fingerIsDown = false;


                #region AimJoy

                if ((gesture.Position - new Vector2(aimJoystick.x, aimJoystick.y)).Length() < 180)
                    aimJoystick.fingerIsDown = true;

                    aimJoystick.knob.x = (int)gesture.Position.X;
                    aimJoystick.knob.y = (int)gesture.Position.Y;

                    aimJoystick.direction.X = aimJoystick.knob.x - aimJoystick.x;// + GameRoot.ScreenSize.X - Art.Joystick.Width; // To calculate we need the position _relative_ to the centre of the joystick. 
                    aimJoystick.direction.Y = aimJoystick.knob.y - aimJoystick.y;
                    aimJoystick.fingerIsDown = false;



Well the touch collection report for all touches that their event state is always moved so it’s normal for gestures not to work !

Ok thanks!
But what do you recommend doing instead?

Try to compile the framework and debug the problem

What do you mean by that? There are no errors or like that in the logcat. It just doesn’t work.

Check this -> Touch state problem

That’s not really the problem. The problem is that the first button works but not the second one. I have had this problem since many MonoGame versions before.