Problems with VS2012 on Windows8

I installed MonoGame 3.2 few days ago, and then I booted up my Visual Studio 2012 Express for Desktop. I opened up the Project Wizard, and I noticed that there was no templates. I already filed a bug report about this to GitHub. Any ideas how to fix this?
Then I decided to paste in some code from a basic tutorial to atleast test if the MonoGame works. I was not able to get the game to start up, and I received an error message box to pop up: An unhandled exception of type 'System.NullReferenceException' occurred in MonoGame.Framework.dll. I did some googling and I found out that this could be caused by the fact that there’s a wrong version of the MonoGame.Framework.dll referenced to the project. That actually might be the case, since it doesn’t matter what MonoGame.Framework.dll I refrence to the project, I always get the Windows 8 version, instead of the version I chose (I tried WindowGL, Windows & Linux just to try it out). How could I get around this.

Thanks in advance,