Problems with VSync in UWP

Does anybody else get the problem that VSync = 2 doesn’t work in UWP and MonoGame, instead you end up with VSync = 1 no matter what?

The scenario is that I’ve just released “Geometry Warp” on the MS Store and it needs to run at a locked 60FPS, even if the user has a 120Hz+ TV/Monitor. Being an Arcade type game, IsFixedTimeStep = true isn’t ideal as it doesn’t always match 1:1 with the screen refresh so I’d rather sync to every second VBlank.

Maybe I’m doing something silly but I feel that this code should have worked (from a default UWP Game Program):

public class GameTestVSyncTwo : Game
    GraphicsDeviceManager graphics;
    // This will not be applied correctly in UWP, Only interval One. 
    PresentInterval PresentIntervalRequired = PresentInterval.Two;

    public GameTestVSyncTwo()
        graphics = new GraphicsDeviceManager(this);
        Content.RootDirectory = "Content";
        this.IsFixedTimeStep = false;

        graphics.PreparingDeviceSettings += Graphics_PreparingDeviceSettings;

    private void Graphics_PreparingDeviceSettings(object sender, PreparingDeviceSettingsEventArgs e)
        PresentationParameters pp = e.GraphicsDeviceInformation.PresentationParameters;
        pp.PresentationInterval = PresentIntervalRequired;

    protected override void Draw(GameTime gameTime)

        Color clearColor = GraphicsDevice.PresentationParameters.PresentationInterval == PresentIntervalRequired ?
            Color.Blue :
        // Blue = correct but that value has NOT been correctly applied to VSync Interval!
        // Instead we have VSync = One.


The output I get on a 120Hz Screen, when I would have expected 60FPS:

As an aside I found that

graphics.SynchronizeWithVerticalRetrace = false;

used to crash on MG 3.7 with this error:

// Exception thrown: ‘SharpDX.SharpDXException’ in SharpDX.dll
// Exception thrown: ‘Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics.NoSuitableGraphicsDeviceException’ in MonoGame.Framework.dll

but works perfectly on MG 3.8.

The VSync issue persists however. I also don’t think it’s a UWP issue per se as Unity can deal with this correctly AND can correctly detect the current screen refresh rate, something I find impossible using MonoGame, there’s just no API for that?

Is this a bug or am I just doing it wrong?

It looks like an issue within MonoGame. I’ve just posted a reply to your GitHub issue with a fix to try here: UWP and VSync bugs · Issue #7821 · MonoGame/MonoGame · GitHub

Thank you so much, I’ll take a look.