Profiler with MonoGame

I’m a bit surprised I couldn’t find any other posts on the NVidia profiler with MonoGame/Android.

Normally you turn on the profiler by running the adb shell command.

adb shell setprop debug.perfhudes 1

And then you start the app, connect the NVProfiler and walla.

I’m not having much luck connecting the NVPerfHUD to MonoGame and was looking for any tips to connect the profiler.


~Tim Graupmann

I found that the Snapdragon Profiler works on Forge TV with MonoGame 3.4.

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Thanks for reporting this. I really had no clue NVProfiler existed for Android even.

NVPerfHUD connects just fine running MonoGame 3.4 on the OUYA console.

Snapdragon 1.5.2 has an easier time connecting to the Forge TV -

I’m trying to get the Xamarin Profiler to connect to the Android build…

It turns out Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise is required to use the Xamarin profiler in Xamarin Studio and Visual Studio.