Project Monogame Windows to Android ?


i have a project on monogame (Windows) and i want know : It is possible to clone the project on android ( in small time ) ? Maybe with Xamarin ?

I present my project at 2pm (Time of Paris) tomorrow and i need a solution fast to try present also my project on Android.

If you are interesting by us project you can look : HERE`

Thanks for your futur help
(Sorry for my bad english)

Looking at it it’s a game that uses keyboard input. Getting the game itself to run on Android is easy, but getting controls to work is another matter, You will need to setup some touch friendly interface.


Ok i need change the input, but i don’t find how run my program on android …

Thanks in advance

Again hi,

I resolve my problem, i just Copy Paste my project in new project monogame android, thanks a lot, i going now, change the gameplay with good input :wink: !

Bye man