Project setup for multiplatform development?


I’m working on a game that I’d like to release for PC and mobile, and I’d like to have a project setup that allows me to run my game on Windows to test it with mouse+keyboard, but also to be able to deploy it to mobile for testing.

How it looks like now:

  1. I have my own game engine, built on top of MonoGame, which is a shared project
  2. I have the game project itself, which is a windows project, the engine as a shared project is included here. I can test my game on windows with just 1 click, which is nice.

I tried to create a third, Android project and include project 2. in it, but obviously it didn’t work as project 2. is a Windows project, and not an Android one, so I get an error.

Is there a convenient way to be able to run my code both on Windows and on mobile for quick testing? I don’t even mind having several VS2019 windows open as long as each can run my code for a different platform.

Any tips on how to set this up?

Thank you

See here for an example on how i set up multiplatform projects.
One project per platform, one shared project for the game, and a common folder for assets.
Some samples have importer/processor projects as well.

I have a template that generate the boilerplate game solution in a minute.
The installers found in the /MGSDK/ will install it for VS2017/2019.
or you can grab it from here, zip it, and copy it in your templates folder.

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Here’s a post I previously made on how I do it, but I’d try nkast’s way first.

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Thanks guys, I’ll give it a try this weekend!

So I’ve decided to write down my approach on my blog, if anyone needs it: