Promoting ShipJumps - Seeking Feedback on Pre-release Version!

Hello everyone,

I’m excited to introduce you to my latest project, “ShipJumps.” It’s a game developed with MonoGame, and I’m thrilled to share a pre-release version with you all.

Note: This is a pre-release version, which means there is room for improvements and enhancements. I’m eagerly looking forward to your valuable feedback to make “ShipJumps” even better.

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has supported me throughout this journey. Your assistance and input have been invaluable.

How to Access the Pre-release Version: You can download and try out the pre-release version of “ShipJumps” right now by visiting the following link: ShipJumps on Google Play Store

Gameplay: The spaceship must navigate through the sky by jumping from side to side to avoid enemies while collecting coins to increase their score. If they manage to collect a power-up, they can shoot bullets to destroy the enemies in their path. The game is designed to provide a fast-paced and challenging gaming experience, with colorful graphics

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Let me start by saying good work on actually (pre) releasing a project. That’s a point that most people never make it too.

With that said, played for a little bit and give some general feedback

  1. The ground tile movement is nice, but when actually playing it’s not really noticeable. As a player, my vision is mostly in the upper half of the screen. To give the visual aesthetic of movement, I would recommend looking into parallax scrolling of the background cloud part. Right now it’s just a static image.
  2. Speaking of the ground tile movement, when I did focus and look at it, the speed at which it moves is quite fast. Depending on how you focus your vision when looking at it has that “wagon wheel effect”. This is the effect you might notice when watching the tires on a car and how visually they can appear to be spinning backwards because of how fast they are moving. The ground tile movement has that same effect. I’d pair slowing it down a little with the parallax background mentioned above.
  3. I didn’t notice any increase in difficulty until around 800pts. If there was previously, it was such a small change it wasn’t noticed. At 800pts though, it visually seemed like the enemy ships were moving in faster. The ramp in difficulty is nice, but the time it takes to get to that 800pts is too long for it.
  4. The bullet power-up is a nice touch, but it’s sometimes difficult to actually hit an enemy with it. Since it auto fires at a constant pace, when moving the ship up and down it doesn’t align with enemies sometimes. You have to do a weird small tap juggle to hit some of them.
  5. Since the score is always auto-incrementing as you play, I couldn’t tell if actually shooting an enemy with a bullet gave me points. When collecting coins, you get the +5 popup text showing that it adds score, but not when hitting an enemy with bullets. So it leaves me unsure if actually shooting the enemy gives points or if it’s just clearing the play field.
  6. I understand this is a prerelease and you might have plans for it on full release, but I don’t understand the point of coins at the moment. They do give the +5 score, but there’s also the separate coin counter. Will there be in-game purchasables on full release with the coins collected? Otherwise, what is the point of keeping count of them?
  7. In terms of challenge or difficulty, I was quickly able to sort of cheese it. I can just hold down the screen and constantly fly at the top. You do have an enemy spawn point that will prevent this cheese, but it’s just a simple fly down to dodge it then fly back up and stay at the top.

Otherwise, this is a good foundation. Controls were simple enough, movement up and down didn’t feel awkward. Here’s a screenshot of me passing 1000 points


Thank you for your test and your very interesting analysis :face_with_monocle::+1:
I take your feedback and suggestions into account.
Regarding the tiles, I will reduce the speed.

  • For the parallax, it’s in the plans, and I appreciate your input.
  • Especially when you hit an enemy with bullets, the score should increase by +1.
  • As for the coins, the goal in the game’s progression is to be able to change the ship.
  • I take note of the late acceleration.
  • Regarding the alignment of the bullets, do you have any ideas? The issue is that when the bullets are fired, they continue their path, and the ship changes position in the meantime.
  • To prevent cheating, I have an idea for that. I will introduce enemies that will appear at the top but be visually obscured, which should help deter cheating, lol.
    Congratulations on reaching a score of 1000 for the first time! :+1:
    Thank you for this detailed analysis. If you have any further suggestions, I’m open to them, and I truly appreciate your valuable feedback.