Proper way to cross-platform Shared PCL with UWP and Opengl/DirectX?

Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone had some information on the best way to mix your Dx/Ogl and UWP projects with a Portable shared lib.

My project setup is as follows (using stable branch latest installer):

Shared.Core: Portable .NET project - contains all entities/systems/components. References Monogame.Framework (portable) and Monogame.Extended (portable).

Client.Dx : DirectX very slim screen logic and UI library logic - works fine
Client.Ogl: OpenGL very slim screen logic and UI library logic - works fine
Client.UWP: … complains when building package due to Shared.Core having a ref to Monogame Portable and it having a ref to Monogame Universal.

After building out a game for Microsoft’s Dream Build Play competition, I’ve hit this roadblock when it comes to porting everything to UWP for entry into the competition. I can’t seem to find a combination of .NET CORE, PCL, .NET Standard, etc that will work to share code between the 3 clients.

Before giving up and just copy/pasting all of the logic into the UWP, I figured I should reach out and see if there was anyone who might know of a good way to share logic between UWP and other app types.