Properly Handling Cross-Platform Development

Hey guys,

Myself and a few friends are starting a project together, but half of us are using Windows to develop and the other half are using Macs. How do I create a project that can be easily developed on both environments without any issues?

I’ve installed the latest development build of MonoGame (version at the time of posting) on both a Mac and a Windows PC. If I create a “Cross-Platform Desktop Project With OpenGL” project on the Windows PC and then try to bring it over to the Mac, I can run the compiled game on both platforms, but trying to build the Windows-created solution on the Mac causes problems. I’ve attached a screenshot of the errors that were output below.

Something I noticed is that with Xamarin Studio on the Mac, there’s a template for a “Shared Code” project, which sounds like something we need. But on Windows with VS 2015, that option doesn’t exist. After looking through MonoGame’s templates on Github, it seems like that template was removed after VS 2013. Is there a reason for that? Is there a better way to handle cross-platform development?

Should we create a project on Mac and then another on Windows and find a way to create a code-base that can be transferred between environments without worrying about system dependencies? It seems like I’m making this more complicated than it needs to be since cross-platform development seems to not be new the MonoGame community.

If anyone can provide any help or guidance, I’d be super grateful. Thanks to all of your for your time.