Protecting my Rpg Gui/Graphic

Hello everyone,

Going forth I was wondering if we could protect our graphics with a .whatever extention. If it being .dat or being any other file extentions. I know anyone can rip them but making it harder to rip. What should I use?

Thanks for all replies and help.

Are you under obligation to do this?

You’re wasting your time, my boy.

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There was a similar discussion a few weeks ago here:


Thanks for the help.

Well yes and no to the questions. Right now I just have a game name and concept of how I want my game. I can’t say I have full rights to my graphics as tons use it or if I rip a similar char then change the head, eyes and make my own armors. I will still need to work on height of char and armors to make it fully mine. So I can feel better on the graphics front. Mainly what I can say is, I have ideas for some functions and partly Gui graphics. The only thing is maybe the code is what I should protect going forward but even most code could be someone elses even if I coded it. Everything else is a want to protect so people can’t rip it easy. The whole game is a project or dream I want and I dont think its going to get big or atleast don’t think I’ll ever be big. I just like making and playing around with games and enjoy doing my own thing.