Protobuild is not generating MonoGame.Framework.MacOS project

Protobuild does not appear to be attempting to build the MonoGame.Framework.MacOS.csproj. I see it referenced in all the build definition files, so I’m not sure what’s going on. Is anybody else seeing this?

Yes, you need to run:

protobuild --generate MacOS

But I don’t know why. Does someone else know why MacOS is not automatically included?

MacOS project is only automatically generated when on Mac.

What OS did you run protobuild from?
What projects were generated?

I’m on a Mac, but I had used Windows via Parallels to run protobuild.

Well that explains why you didn’t have the solution… you run it from WIndows…
Also you could have just run Protobuild from terminal on OS X by typing in “mono Protobuild.exe”