ProtoBuild MonoGame Project Wizard Fails to Copy Protobuild

Hi all,

I’m trying to create a monogame project using Protobuild project wizard (Version 1.0) in Visual Studio 2015 Community. This worked a few weeks ago when I first installed it, but now it seems like a Protobuild hosting service might be down.

Here’s the exception being through from the protobuild window:

Here’s the console output:

Thanks in advance for any help. Is it possible to disable the checking for new versions of Protobuild?

@hachque would know. She’s the maintainer of Protobuild.

I’ve been having lots of trouble with and servers in general lately. In particular, I believe there’s a memory leak somewhere in the .NET Core process that hosts, but so far I’ve only observed it in production and attempts to reproduce it locally haven’t been successful.

Over the past few months I’ve been slowly moving package management over to NuGet to reduce the reliance on My intention is to move all package management functionality off and onto NuGet, and replace the site with a set of static pages that should prevent any future downtime. All packages that I used to push into are now stored on NuGet instead (as Protobuild-enhanced packages), but the Protobuild Manager may not be updated yet with the new package URLs.

You can start from a 2D platformer template at the command line by running:

Protobuild.exe --start MonoGame.Template.Platformer2D

Note that because MonoGame does not yet ship Protobuild-enhanced packages or unified cross-platform packages in NuGet, this package uses MonoGame.Framework.Redpoint as a dependency (as the template always has).

You can search for other available templates in NuGet by searching for type=Template.

You can also check the current status of by viewing the uptime / status dashboard. I do get notifications when systems go offline, and do work to restore them when it happens.