PS3 Controller Support

It’s possible that this is a stupid question – I’ve only been playing around with monogame for a couple days – but is it possible to use a Playstation 3 controller in conjunction with Monogame? It looks like the GamePad.GetState() interface picks up the left stick fine, but not the right stick.

Is there some other library or method that I can use to access the gamepad? I’m developing on Linux.

This will only work on linux:

Thanks, I will try that out.

I also discovered that since the problem is the mapping of the controller axes, I can work around it by remapping the axes using jscal, and forcing SDL to use the correct device file by using the SDL_JOYSTICK_DEVICE environment variable. Obviously that’s not a good general solution, but it’s a convenient way to get around it for the moment without extra code.