PS4 monogame

I saw I another thread that you were working on a ps4 port of monogame.
I am intrigued how this would differ to the windows GL, for example is it AOT compiled with the mono framework embedded and does it use a different graphics library
Many thanks
PS if the library is no longer in development I would still like to know how it would have worked

I’m pretty sure that the library is more than “being developed” – there are games on PS4 running monogame. Axiom Verge being one, and probably also the Super Meat Boy port.

But I’m not a MonoGame developer, so I don’t know the answers to your questions. But the developers probably won’t answer them; I’m sure Sony has a very strict non-disclosure agreement, so you’ll have to become an official Sony indie developer to find these things out I guess.

Check out this thread for the details: