Public Domain Fonts

MonoGameCommunityFont1 by LupinIII : iFontMaker Windows Edition (

I just made this font for fun, but, may create more in future, it has a Public Domain Licence, so, you can do whatever you wish to with it.

There is nothing special with this font, I drew as fast as I could to send it in response to a discord discussion at the time.

I am sharing it here so everyone has a font - true type - to use for free and distribute with their projects. Say a gamejam or something…

Should you wish, and require a more crafted font, either obtain a font making app such as the one the link above indicates, or just make a request within good time. I do not guarantee any availability when asked.

I may create more for fun later, for now, you have this abomination :slight_smile:

Happy Developing!


Oh yeah, if you find any public domain fonts/sites which allow usage for free and within a game project with distribution rights, do link below.

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