"publish" doesn't work

I wrote this game:

The game runs, but when I click on “Build->Publish Bloxorz” in Visual Studio 2017, it creates a setup.exe file and some other files in a directory, but when I start it, it looks like it creates just a Bloxorz link, but doesn’t copy the program files. I tried an empty new MonoGame project and this works. What’s wrong with my project?

I’ve personally never had much success with publish. Whenever you build the project, all the files required for your game to run will be contained in (Project Dir)/bin. If you copy everything in the folder where your exe file is into a new folder, then you can zip that up and deliver it.

Right, but the manual says that the publish function does some more, like installing the right .NET framework automatically etc., which is not the case if you just zip the files. And Windows users expect an installer, which I had to configure, too, and run each time when releasing a new version or new game.