Publish on Mac (osx-arm64)



I have a game that runs fine when hitting run in Rider on Mac (arm64).

I want to create a launcher that updates the game and I have a CI flow that builds and publishes the game to a blob storage and the launcher downloads the binaries.

The launcher then runs

dotnet mygame.dll


The bundled binaries needed (dylib files) are not trusted by macOS and needs to be signed? I understand self signing is possible.

The game will run if you go into security settings and click “run anyway”.

Also, if I publish with self contained, which I think is a good thing, this also applies to all dotnet dylib files.


Am I doing this the wrong way? Is signing the way to go? Any other approaches?


Currently it seems like one has to:

  • Get an Apple Developer Licence to obtain a developer ID
  • Add an Entitlements.Plist and set some settings to allow loading libs
  • Use code sign to sign the app

I’m guessing this can only be done on a Mac so I need to create another workflow in GitHub actions to pick up the binaries and sign them. Hopefully that will work somehow. Guessing I need to install a developer certificate or something.

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