Publishing a MonoGame application for Windows from a Mac

Hi, I’m using Mac OS X and I was wondering how to publish a game created on Mac but for Windows. Next year I’ll be having a game project at University and we’ll be required to demo our games, and at Campus they are using Windows. So I need to know if there is a way to publish my game from Mac using Xamarin, for Windows platform. Thanks.

No, but using VMware Fusion or something similar you can just run Windows on your Mac and do it like that (using Visual Studio which is free). This is what I do.

Okay thanks. I just didn’t want to use MS Visual Studio, but since there’s no other way I guess I have no choice. Thanks a lot @BitBull

You can just use “MonoGame Application (OpenGL)” template from Xamarin Studio, they will build an exe that runs on Windows.

Great!.. Cool… will give that a try. Thanks @cra0zy

As @crazy said the OpenGL template is pretty cross platform. The only problem you might hit is will Custom Effects, you willl need to compile those on a windows box.

@dellis1972 Noted!!.. The only problem now is creating the “MonoGame Application (OpenGL)”, it seems to be not working for me. I get no errors or warnings when I run the app, but nothing shows up (I’m using latest version of Xamarin, also MonoGame 3.4). Unless there are extra settings I need to do after creating the OpenGL project that I don’t know of. I guess I’ll go for the Visual Studio solution.

Hallo guys. Im totally new in programming and baught a video tutorial.
In the tutorial is the point where i have to create a new Solution.
Therefore i had too install MonogameAddin.

I done but there is no (openGL) Template. Only directX.

I dont know how i can get this App.

Can you help me?

thank you