Publishing a Song on Windows

I’m trying to learn how to set up a monogame project. I am trying to transfer a game over from XNA to monogame. I’ve managed to cobble most of it together, but I’m currently stuck on playing a Song. By installing the latest development version, I can get the Song to play in the debugger, but when I publish the game, it will load but not play the Song.
Song song = Content.Load(“TakeCalifornia”);
works fine, but
will just crash.

Again, this is only when I attempt to publish and install the game.

I’m using VS2010 pro

TakeCalifornia.mp3 is in my content project (MonoTestContentContent) and set to build as a MonoGame Song. I have marked it as “Copy Always”.

I have included both the TakeCalifornia.wma and the TakeCalifornia.xnb files in my Content folder under MonoTest project. I have marked both of these files as “Copy Always”.

TakeCalifornia.wma.deploy appears within the folder:
“Application Files\MonoTest_1_0_0_11\Content\TakeCalifornia.wma.deploy”

But when the published and installed game attempts to play the file, it will crash.

Help appreciated.

Check this out:

It looks like I solved the problem. I needed to mark both my WMA and my XNB files as “Content” as well as “Copy Always”. Now it sounds like it is working.