Publishing Game from Visual Studio 2017 and Framework Reqs

Two part question here… First of all I’m trying to publish my game from VS2017. I’m using the latest Development Branch of MonoGame. I go through the publish wizard successfully, but when I try to install the published game I get the invalid manifest error which seems to be pretty common:

  • Exception reading manifest from file:///C:/Game/Application%20Files/F1_1_0_0_9/F1.exe.manifest: the manifest may not be valid or the file could not be opened.
    • Parsing and DOM creation of the manifest resulted in error. Following parsing errors were noticed:
      -HRESULT: 0x8007001f
      Start line: 0
      Start column: 0
      Host file:
    • A device attached to the system is not functioning. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007001F)

Does anyone know how to resolve this? I’ve found some threads here on it, but no solutions…

Secondly, where can I find the requirements for running my executable? I’m interested to know them for both Windows (Direct X) and Mac/Linux (Open GL). I’d like to know everything some needs to have installed on their machine in order to run the game. Thanks in advance!

I wouldn’t use Visual Studio’s deployment tools for MonoGame. They tend to be rather weak.

Instead, I would consider using a separate installer tool such as Advance Installer, which has a fairly comprehensive free version. You can review this software at

Publish is very limited. It handles updates but that’s the only advantage. (well you have to keep the previous versions to allow the user to go one version back at a time, and it gets very big with games)
Give the previously proposed installer a try or the nsis one :blush:

For the unanswered question I believe there is a post about that here but alternatively you can set up a fresh system and update nothing [So the base Windows will be that specific version] and then try to run your game and see what Windows calls up… Windows 10 is amazing in that it offers you the option to install missing application requests… such as DirectPlay etc.

Hope that helps…