Publishing to Play Store from Visual Studio for Mac

Hi Folks!, I have been making a game targeting Android devices, testing and exporting APKs is fine, I wanted to put the game on Play store, I tried archiving from visual studio for Mac, but the Google Play console gives an error when I try to register saying that “I use Loopback IP address and other stuff”, I don’t really know what to do…I tried to upload it manually and it says the the .abb file is missing the “BundleConfig.pb” file…can anyone try to point me in the right direction?

I use Monogame 3.8.1 on MacBook air M1 on Visual Studio for Mac

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I’m also developing a game on android I also use mac on the other hand I have a classic chip at the moment I’m in the test phase I’m not yet faced with this problem because I don’t publish yet but I will be faced with this let me know if you were successful?

Hi, I managed to upload to the Play Store by uploading the .aab file manually, I archive the project, and export the archive to disk “Adhoc” instead of the google play store

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:+1: what is the name of your game?

Thanks for your interest, it’s a game called SquidGrid, it’s not yet open to the public on google play, but you can either send me your email to send you an invitation to test the game or play the free demo on steam (Squid Grid on Steam)

Just keep in mind that it’s a work in progress :blush:

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thank you i will test it on steam and i will let you know :grinning:

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it shows me this message

What is your current OS? Right now, I only support Linux & Windows

i am with mac i will test on linux
How can you put the game on steam are there any changes in the code?

Nope, just using their sdk