Pumpkin Games releases: Paladin - twin-stick, 2d scrolling shooter

You are earth’s last hero - defend civilization from annihilation.

Protect the cities, destroy the aliens and upgrade your fighter. Drive back the vile invading scum and save mankind in this frantic twin-stick shooter!

Available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux


Here’s the latest trailer…


Coming to the Xbox One and Windows 10 via ID@Xbox in 2017

We are trying to get the game on Steram Greenlight too.

Feel free to ask any questions about the game.

Pumpkin Games


Looks great, very intense! I really like the style and effects. You got my vote on Greenlight :wink: Good luck Paul!

Thanks for the kind words and the vote.


Looks really cool! How many guys worked on this?

Thanks monopalle,

Just me really :slight_smile:

I did all the design, code, art and sound effects - music was from a free site from the Internet (although a friend is creating some original music for me now).

I had help with ideas and play testing from some online friends.

And massive amounts of support from my other half :slight_smile:

Nice work! what site had the music? -And tell your other half I think they’re awesome for supporting you… My most recent ex would rather stare into thin air or peel onions… :slight_smile: Good luck!

You my friend lost a keeper :stuck_out_tongue:

RE: the game, I like the lens flares, It is a shader effect correct?

The screenshot background mesh, is that animated, it does not appear in the video… are you using a bunch of shaders for everything or are things like the trails less of a shader effect and some other technique?

Good luck with sales! this looks like a lot of effort went into it. how long since inception did it take to get to where it is now?

I could hit you with an interview level of questions but I shall leave the microphone open for others too :slight_smile:

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Hi Mr Valentine!

The background is a cheesy ‘tribute’ to Geometry Wars grid - you can toggle it in settings as I guess it could impact less powerful hardware - I choose to play without it mostly.

There are a bunch of shaders - all the game entities are drawn with a custom renderer that can handle sprites, particles, ribbon trails - they get sorted by various attributes (layer, shader, y coord if required, etc). I use a virtual coordinate system, typically 40 x 22.5 - makes setting up UIs / HUDs simpler for all the different resolutions.

There are ‘post process’ full screen shaders too for the CRT / Chromatic Aberation / Distortion effects.

I looked at Twitter and apparently I stared in around Nov 2013 - so 3 years!. That’s part time, with work on 2 other ideas, engine tidy up and some failed experiments too :slight_smile:

The code is quite blerrggh here - it’s much better on the newer games and demos - I spent a bunch of time fixing it up and making cleaner, dynamically loading resources that change, adding profiling tools, etc

Well you know the saying, Coding is 10% of your time, the remaining 100% is debugging and packaging/clean-up :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh and thanks for replying :slight_smile:

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