Question about cubemap memory consumption.

I have question about cubemap memory consumption.

  • cubemap x7 without mipmap (size of the cubemap will base on different mipmap level size)
  • cubemap with 7 level of mipmap.

which 1 is more memory efficient?

They would occupy about the same in memory. There would be more overhead in seven separate cubemap textures than one cubemap texture with mipmaps. Also, the GPU would not be able to select the correct mip level automatically if they were separate textures.

HalfVector4[] color = new HalfVector4[tempMap.Width * tempMap.Height];
finalCubeMap.SetData((CubeMapFace)i,mipLvl, tempMap.Bounds, color,0 ,color.Length);

because i have this process that take 100ms proccess time. i try to process different thread parallel, but the same object cant share among thread so i decide to have a multiple of cubemap instead of having mipmaps for a cubemap.