question about using MonoGameGL project as library for console app

is it possible to build a engine in monogameGL and then include it as a reference to a .net framework console app?

this is the project I want to use as a framework

I also tried creating a .Net Framework Library project and referencing MonoGame.Framework,
however it seems I can’t access the xna namespace when I do that and I don’t even know if its cross platform…

A console app is just another project nearly empty in this case so ya i suppose you could just add in everything you need to you’ll end up with a monogame project with the application output type already set to console.

If you want a console window for your monogame project though there is a much easier way.

In Visual Studio click
Project click the drop down and look for
Properties at the bottom
On the left side of the window that opens there is a list click Application
in that window you will see a drop down box labeled Output
click it and select -> Console
run your project and you have a console window in addition to your monogame window.
(you can then print to it as expected with Console.WriteLine(" hello world ");


If you want to hide the monogame window completely i couldn’t help with that.

I actually made it a class library, but the project that references it doesn’t recognize its there

does anybody know how to fix this?
the targeted .net framework are the same.

Did you add a reference to the class library you created in your project? Putting the using directive at the top of your file won’t count for much if the project itself deosn’t have a reference to your compiled library dll.

ya i did. its included as a reference