Question Monogame 3.6 and Visual Studio 2015 Community

Hello guys, I am new for here. I found “Monogame” from Xamarin Studio and MonoDevelop.

I am very surprised why do you replace from XNA Frameworks by Microsoft. How is now? Is XNA died? how is performance of Monogame and unity3D? Is it same? Or different?

I don’t know that unity3D has limited vertices like 16k or 32k polygons and How is limited or unlimited of polygon in Monogame?

And I really know about embedding monogame dlls into Windowed Application ( Form1 ) Is it correct I need to add references from xna dlls and sharpDK and OpenTK dlls . If it is correct?

How do I add viewport of Monogame on Form1?
PS: Please don’t use old version of example because it is incompatibly.
I use only Visual Studio 2015 Community and Monogame 3.6 with Netframeworks 4.5

And how is collision like gravity if player doesn’t hover - player just falls like real game engine Unity3D or Unreal Engine

Can I create for custom or meshcollider like Unity3D?
Example non convex model like in-room ( closed 4 walls + 1 celling and 1 floor ). Camera doesn’t fall just stay in-room.

And I am using Blender 2.78c and fbx binary 7.4 If it doesn’t work than I export dae with embedded textures than I use import/export of FBX SDK 2017 to fbx binary 7.5

How is characters of camera if camera doesn’t fall if camera works with gravity. Thanks.

I know bit with C# But no problem I know only mouse event listeners and load from Form.

Thanks! And sorry for sometimes bad English

XNA has died a long time ago. MonoGame is a reimplementation of the XNA API that is open-source and works on more platforms.

MonoGame is really just a hardware abstraction layer, it manages audio, input, window management, loading assets and everything GPU related so you can do those things in a cross-platform way. That means it’s a very low level framework compared to Unity or Unreal. It does not have collision/physics or fancy stuff like that out of the box. It sounds like maybe you’re looking for a higher level framework/engine.

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Thanks for explanation!

I understand that Monogame has only low level performance. I thought maybe another 2D games like Age Of Empire or other games made by Microsoft and they has worked hard and has written high level 2D games. I know but Monogame has sometimes bullet physics like bulletsharp for Monogame.

PS: new version of Bulletphysics 3 is available now - I am sure for Monogame has not problem with c++ written dll. I wish your next release Monogame 3.7 If Monogame need collision and physics.


I found it:
Can it work? I have not tested yet

Continuing the discussion from Question Monogame 3.6 and Visual Studio 2015 Community:Yes I already tested it.

BulletSharp has support bsp format. Which engine was compiled with bsp? Quake BSP 1, Quake 2 BSP, Quake 3 BSP or Half-Life-BSP 1.0 or Half-Life Blue-Shift BSP 1.1?

I have checked BulletSharp-Demo -> BspDemo.exe.

I thought Monogame / XNA looks high level performance because sometime Sledge Hammer ( Successor of Valve Hammer Editor ) was compiled by OpenTK ( C# ) and it looks like high level performance. And BulletSharp has same support to OpenTK.

SledgeEditor Github
And compiled version

If it happens - Monogame + WinForm = application with embedded monogame viewport like alternative Sledge Editor or sketchup-liked application.