Question Regarding Texutures On Gpu

Hi guys first off a big thank you for your help when Iv had questions in the past.

So I know that changing the texture on the Gpu is what takes time, so reducing the amount of times you change the texture will make a big difference.

So I have 2 questions.
First is it better to have different effects for the different textures you want to render, or will this make no difference?

and second if a texture is set to the effect will setting the same texture to the effect take time or will the api know that its the same and not copy it across.

An effect uses textures (and models if needed) as input and transforms to the output (screen or rendertarget):
a bloom effect, a tonemapping, a depth of field, a ship with normal mapping etc,
It depends on what you want to do with the texture, if what you intend is just drawing a 3d model for ex, one effect (basiceffect for a start) for all models is enough, changing the effect’s parameter to use one or another texture for example.

So the 2nd question is irrelevant for me :wink:
You set the texture one time for the effect, draw all you need to with this texture, then change the texture to draw another thing…
I’m not sure to be clear enough but it’s the idea.