Questions about installing Monogame 3.4 or ++ on VS 2015 / Windows 10

Currently I have VS 2013 with XNA 4.0 and Monogame 3.0 inside VS 2013. Also I have VS 2015 Community. My goal - to add Monogame last version (3.4 or ++) to VS 2015. How to do it ?. I don’t want to start installation without getting detailed info about it, because Monogame does not include Content project . But in internet I don’t see any detailed info.

Do I need uninstall previous version Monogame 3.0 ?
How to add Monogame inside VS 2015 ?
Must XNA 4.0 present inside VS 2015 ?

XNA is not required by MonoGame. Just run the MonoGame installer after you have installed VS2015 and the templates should appear when you do a File->New Project. If they don’t let us know.

MonoGame does have its own content building system now so you don’t need XNA any more (see

Dellis, Thank You very much !!!
I feel Monogame becomes strong in comparison to its previous versions.
Thanks to Monogame developers . !!!